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RDF system

RDF is an abbreviation of Reuse, Derived and Fuel, and is a solid fuel made from flammable garbage such as raw garbage that is output from household and business facilities, and also made from industrial wastes such as waste plastic, waste paper and waste wood. The RDF is used as heat energy for hot-water supply, heating and cooling, and power generation. Dioxin problem prompted conversion of general garbage to fuel as one of the measures for regional disposal of waste. Our company, KYOKUTO KAIHATSU KOGYO CO., LTD., has addressed technology development of RDF from 1983, and constructed the RDF plant, place wheel type forming machine, by using paper residue, waste plastic and waste paper as alternative fuel of oil shock in 1985, in the private waste disposal company. Also, in 1990, we constructed 1-axis 2-stage RDF plant of screw type forming machine with self-developed technology by using general waste produced from business facilities from waste recycle plant in Sapporo, and as a result, we have accumulated the technologies.


(1) Eco-friendly system

Due to no incineration, this is free from worry about ambient environment pollution.

Also, adequate deodorant system resolves a problem of odor.

(2) Recycle system

Iron and aluminum removed from garbage during RDF production can be recycled as resources.

(3) System for clean up combustion exhaust gas

This system provides improvement of storage behavior of RDF by adding calcium hydroxide during RDF production, also offers dioxin reduction by removing chlorine gas during incineration.

(4) Can select the time and place for collecting heat energy.

By conducting RDF, storage behavior and portability are improved, resulting in collection as heat energy by combusting under good conditions.


In December 2008, we sighed up licensing agreement with South Korean company on refuse-derived fuel (RDF) manufacturing plant, and started overseas deployment.

*For details, refer to the following PDF on web site (our company's news release in Japanese).

< Licensing agreement with Korean company on refuse-derived fuel (RDF) manufacturing plant > [PDF]

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