Environmental equipment and systems

Unvaried viewpoint on recycling

It was over quarter century ago that we first launched on the development of environmental equipment and systems.

Through the technical tie-up with Tremache Corporation, U.K., we have developed the garbage pulverizing and separating system that enables to separate reusable metallic substances out from the waste crushed by the pulverizing technology.

At the time of our start in this field, the mainstream in garbage treatment was incinerating the garbage. However we saw garbage in a different way, viewing it as a source for reproducing useful materials. From this viewpoint of reuse (recycling), we have been continuously developing the unprecedented garbage and waste processing plant.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve the "society with no wastes", where every waste is made reusable.

Recycle Plaza in Zentsuji city.

Exploring frontiers with amazing cutting-edge technology

In 1971, we delivered the garbage pulverizing and separating system to Matsudo city municipal authority in Chiba prefecture. Ever since, we have delivered and put into operation the garbage treatment plants and garbage pulverizers in more than 85 local municipalities. Among them is the large-garbage treatment facility delivered to Tokyo Municipal Authority, which has one of the world's largest garbage treatment capacity (1200 tons per day).

Lately, we developed the Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) plant and delivered it to Sapporo city in northern Japan, which produces high quality and high calorie RDF from burnable waste.

The RDF produced in this plant is utilized for heating in office buildings and hotels in the city, as well as for warming of city water.

Another plant attracting people's attention is Keihinjima plant capable of separating various reusable materials automatically from approx. 600 tons of daily garbage.

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