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High pressure and large capacity piston concrete pump

This is a newly developed concrete pump unit with the world's highest performance level and low noise characteristics.
And, this realized the highest output pressure and output volume level in Japan.

The high pressure and large capacity piston concrete pump, Model; PY135-26-H, is a newly developed unit to be mounted on GVW 22ton truck chassis with short wheelbases, realized high mobility which responds to wide variety of operations from "the boom pumping", "high pressure pumping", "large volume pumping", and "long distance pumping".


Newly developed high pressure and large capacity piston concrete pump unit

The pump unit improved performances at its maximum and intermediate capacities regarded as practical usages. And, it plays active roles in any sites as an almighty model which responds to pumping operations for small volumes, high pressures, and large volumes. Additionally, it has 3 stage pressure settings ("high", "medium" and "low") of the high pressure levels which realizes its availability for various operations such as pumping with the boom and pumping with pipes.

M shaped 4 stage articulated boom achieves smooth handling operations

M shaped 28 meter 4 stage articulated boom realized the smooth handling operations and improved user friendliness at sites.

To be mounted on short wheelbase trucks chassis with high mobility

The pump unit is to be mounted on the GVW 22ton truck chassis with short wheelbase Approx. 5,550mm complying the vehicle emissions control (Post new long-term regulations), realized its high mobility for various site operations.

The world's first vibration control device developed by us achieved easy operations

The unique vibration control device (KAVSIII), which controls the vibration by reducing the load on the boom with the suspension function, is installed.
This can improve working conditions by improving the durability and reducing strains on operators.

Consideration to safety precautions

Counter balance valve, holding up the boom cylinder movement if in its hydraulic piping is damaged during the operation and preventing the boom from descending, is installed. As a leading manufacturer of concrete pump trucks, we consider to safety precautions.

Product lineup

Model GVW Maximum output volume Maximum output pressure
PY135-28-H 8B approx. 21,950kg 112m3/h 16.0MPa
9B 135m3/h 13.3MPa
PT110-10 8B approx. 15,300kg 112m3/h 16.0MPa

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