Parking (Real Estate Rental)

Offering essential services in automobile society

Among our businesses related to life and welfare equipment, multi-level parking facility and coin parking facility are both indispensable facilities in our automobile society. We have specially organized Specialty Equipment Division for sales, manufacture and installation of such equipment.

Keeping ahead of time with entrepreneurship

Specialty Equipment Division has undertaken numerous projects so far. Typical examples include multi-level parking facility, which has almost established the firm base for the Division, and aerial work platforms (available through tie-up with JLG in the U.S.) that assist workers to perform the jobs at high places with safely and efficiently. Through our accomplishments, we have contributed to widening the frontiers in this field, keeping an eye on the future of urban housing environment, comfortable working environment and our lives in aging society. Special Equipment Division has now become the center of our freshest and most exciting and profitable activities, where all staffers full of entrepreneurship can pursue the objectives freely at their will.

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