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SPECIAL PURPOSE VEHICLES / Logistics Sector & Environmental sector
Tailgate lifter

Swing Type

Tailgate lifter facilitates loading and unloading of heavy cargo to and from a truck. A wide selection is available according to vehicle and working conditions.


Tailgate movement

Brake valve enables to slow down the lifting speed when near the body deck.


Model S600 S800 S1000
Max lifting capacity (kg) 600 800 1,000
Max body deck height (mm) 700~1,150 750~1,200
Tailgate dimensions Length (mm) 850 1,000
Width (mm) 1,490~2,260
Lifting time (sec.) 4~18
Lowering time (sec.) 4~18

Vertical Type

Vertical movement of tail gate suits well for carring tall or unstable goods.


Tailgate movement

For gas cylinder

For plants


Model V300 V600 V800 V1000
Max lifting capacity (kg) 300 600 800 1,000
Max body deck height (mm) 690~900 750~1,160 750~1,200 1,000~1,520
Tailgate dimensions Length (mm) 650 850 1,000
Width (mm) 1,490~1,570 1,570~2,340 2,050~2,350
Lifting time (sec.) 5~15
Lowering time (sec.) 5~15

The above mentioned figures are approximate.

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