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Representative Director,President, CEO
Tatsuya Nunohara

Corporate group with sustainable and developmental growth and widely chosen

Thank you very much for your continuous support.

Since its foundation in 1955, our company has been delivering various products and services for over half a century and contributing to the improvement of the social infrastructure, under the management philosophy of "Value technology and trust, make concerted efforts to develop the company, and widely contribute to the society."

Currently in Japan, there are increasing trends towards taking measures to address aging social infrastructure such as roads and bridges, most of which were built during the high economic growth period, and improving disaster prevention and mitigation abilities to prepare for expected large-scale disasters in the future. To promote these goals, our products and services are indispensable, and I recognize anew that our company has a significant social role to play.

On the other hand, if you look at other parts of the world, you will find many countries with insufficient infrastructure, where there are great opportunities for our products to be used. With the keywords of "High Quality," "High Technologies" and "High Reliability," I want to accelerate the company's global expansion and respond to various needs around the world.

Our new medium-term management plan 2016-18 "Value up to the Next" has started in increasing uncertainty of the global economy as well as the Japanese economy. We expanded our business scale by production increase in higher demands and overseas expansion during the previous medium-term management plan, while I determine the next three years as the term when we try “to improve our business quality” for the desired future image responding to the changes of the market flexibly.

We will continue to make determined efforts to strengthen the foundation for the future growth by implementing several measures of our medium-term management plan and KYOKUTO group to become a corporate widely chosen.

I greatly appreciate your continued support and assistance for the years to come.

Company Profile

Location of headquarters: Postal Code: 663-8545
6-1-45, Koshienguchi, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo, Japan
TEL: (81) 798-66-1000
Tokyo Head Office: Postal Code: 140-0002
3-15-10 Higashi-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL: (81) 3-5781-9821
Founding date: June 1, 1955
Capital: 11,899,867,400 yen (as of March 31, 2018)
Number of employees: consolidated 2,781 non-consolidated 999(as of March 31, 2018)
Directors: Representative Director,
Kazuya Takahashi
Representative Director,
President, CEO
Tatsuya Nunohara
Associate Senior Executive Officer
Takeo Norimitsu
Associate Senior Executive Officer
Kazuhiko Harada
Associate Senior Executive Officer
Sadanobu Kato
Director, Executive Officer Noboru Horimoto
Outside Director Yoji Kido
Outside Director Akira Michigami
Auditors: Standing Auditor Harumi Sugimoto
Auditor Soichiro Ochi
Outside Corporate Auditor Yoshihiko Norikura
Outside Corporate Auditor Kuniaki Fujiwara
Executive Officers: Associate Senior Executive Officer Mitsuhiko Nakashima
Associate Senior Executive Officer Teruyuki Kizu
Executive Officer Akira Sakurai
Executive Officer Yukihiro Hosozawa
Executive Officer Shinichi Takahama
Executive Officer Yutaka Yoshida
Executive Officer Masashi Ushio
Executive Officer Shinsaku Chijiiwa
Executive Officer Tatsuya Nomura
Executive Officer Keisuke Iwata

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