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Stationary concrete pump


The stationary squeeze concrete pump equips plentiful experienced 4.5B pumping tubes,
having advantages of user-friendliness and durability, and enables to pump mucilaginous materials at construction sites and other various sites.

Additionally, it also can be available for the ready mixed concrete pumping by combining accessory devices which are suitable for various requirements at operation sites.

Note) In case of pumping the ready mixed concrete, electrical power supplies for the agitating device along with the hopper installation are required. For more details, please contact our sales staff.

The stationary squeeze concrete pump, suitable for the consolidation process which converts soft ground into good quality soil by enhancing its strength, is usable effectively for injecting chemicals, and charging/discharging sewerage water.

It can be available for pumping enteruria from manure pits at farming sites such as hog factories by automatic operations synchronized with the level sensor installed on the pit in order to form fertilizers effectively and cleanly.

Control Panel

The control panel is installed on the side with our consideration of visibility and user-friendliness. This improved the visibility of the drum rotation while operating.
And, the reputable hour-meter is installed as standard equipment and gives indications of pumping tube replacement periods.
Additionally, the tube puncture sensor and the overload stopping device are installed with our safety consideration.


The tube durability Approx. 30% and its vacuum efficiency Approx. 20% are improved as a result of equalizing pressures put on the tube by refining the rotor mechanism, which is the heart of the squeeze concrete pump, and optimizing the elastic roller shape. (Our company's comparison; Model PQ30-20M excluded. )

Puncture sensor

The puncture sensor, indicating the pumping tube's breakages due to its wearing in the drum, is installed as standard equipment. The warning lamp on the control panel indicates troubles promptly.

Inverter control

The most suitable inverter control and the rotor mechanism improvement reduce unnecessary input and power consumption. (Model PQ05-22M excluded. )

Power operated vacuum pump

The vacuum pump is operated automatically, and then stopped once the inner drum is vacuumed. This achieves longer life of the vacuum pump and reduces the oil consumption as economical.

Product lineup

Model Maximum output volume Maximum output pressure Remarks
PQ30-22MT 30m3/h 2.5MPa Ground-improvement method and others
PQ20-21M 20m3/h 1.5MPa Ground-improvement method and others
PQ05-22M 5m3/h 2.3MPa For pumping livestock excreta

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