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Squeeze type concrete pump

Concrete pump trucks are vehicles having devices to pump the ready mixed concrete, transported by concrete mixer trucks, to sites through its pipes and hoses at construction sites.
There are two types of the concrete pump, one is a piston type (push out type) and another is a squeeze type.

Squeeze concrete pump

Squeeze pump trucks, with excellences in its user friendliness and economic efficiency, are used for sites of small-scale buildings and foundation works of houses, etc.


The squeeze concrete pump vehicle is to pump the ready mixed concrete to high places and over long distances by squeezing its pumping tube installed in the cylindrical drum.

Elbow with wear detecting holes

Our concrete pump elbow pipes, made of quench casting materials, have wear detecting holes archiving durability, improves safety, and smoothen the ready mixed concrete flow.

Control panel

The control panel is installed at the position for easy operations and confirmation of the ready mixed concrete conditions in the hopper. Switching operations enable easy and reliable pumping works, and realize unified operations between operators and the pumping equipment. Depended on operations, its pumping speed (High speed /low speed) can be changed by the switch. Additionally, the digital discharging volume meter is installed with displays indicating replacement timings of the pumping tube and maintenance checkup.


The front outrigger is the obliquely overhanging type which has larger stable moment areas by widening its overhanging area.

U shaped bottom of the hopper

The U shaped bottom hopper eases introducing of the ready mixed concrete to the intake port. Cleaning works can be done easily thanks to the efficient intaking which reduces the remaining ready mixed concrete volume.

Power operated vacuum pump

The power operated vacuum pump, driven by the battery, is equipped. The vacuum pump is operated automatically, and then stopped once the inner drum is vacuumed.

Product lineup

Model GVW Maximum output volume Maximum boom height above ground level
PH35B-11 approx. 6,200kg 35m3/h 11.4m
PH45A-15 approx. 6,865kg 45m3/h 14.6m
PH50B-17 approx. 7,200kg 50m3/h 17m
PH50B-18 approx. 7,850kg 50m3/h 18m
PH65A-19B approx. 8,850kg 65m3/h 18.6m
PH80-26B approx. 16,395kg 80m3/h 25.7m
Details of installation and other details need to be considered in accordance with the laws and regulations of each country.

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