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Stationary Mortar pump

The vacuum squeeze pump, having excellent pumping performances, is suitable for operations for not only the mortar but also various types of mucilaginous materials such as cement pastes, mortars, refractory furnace mortars, pot clay mortars, lime paste paints, mud and artificial inoculum solutions. (Please contact us beforehand due to having some materials not available. )
The minicrete enables the pumping tube to have longer life, by having vacuum conditions in its pumping drum, and has stable pumping performances constantly. And this is an ideal equipment for pumping mucilaginous materials, having the wide range of applications, reducing operation time, and saving labor cost.


  1. ・Simple structure, and easy operability for operators.
  2. ・Less breakdown due to having no sliding parts, and its inspection is utmost easy.
  3. ・No bubbling and quality damages for pumping materials, and constantly steady pumping performances realized.
  4. ・Pumping materials are not contaminated with oil or foreign materials due to having no touches other than the pumping tube.
  5. ・Discharging volume (Pumping volume) can be changed by switching the rotor rotating speed.
  6. ・High volume pumping capacity realized, despite the small sized pump.
  7. ・Easy cleaning of its pipes.

Product lineup

Model Type Diameter of the pumping tube
PS05-20M Separated hopper type 2B
PS07-20M Combined hopper type 2B
PS07A-20M Comblined hopper with agitator 2.5B

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