Product Guide

SPECIAL PURPOSE VEHICLES / Logistics Sector & Environmental sector
Refuse truck (Mechanical / hydraulic operation type)


Engine speed control lever

Engine speed can be adjusted to the optimum level when loading and discharging.

Control levers for discharge

Photo shows control levers to operate tailgate lock, discharge plate, and tailgate.

Electro-deposition coating

The body and tailgate are coated with an electro-deposition process to enhance rust prevention effects.

Control levers for loading

Press plate and Lift plate for loading garbage can be operated by the levers.


Model GB70-27 GB82-27 GB87-27 GB102-27 GB122-27
Body capacity (m3) 7.0 8.2 8.7 10.2 12.2
Hopper capacity (m3) 1.05
Loading port
Width (mm) 1,710
Height (mm) 965
Loading time (sec.) 13~14
Sewage tank capacity (Litter) 110
Discharge system Horizontal pushing by discharge plate

The above mentioned figures are approximate.

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