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SPECIAL PURPOSE VEHICLES / Logistics Sector & Environmental sector
Single car carrier truck

The safest way to transport a car. The truck bed is adjustable between fully flat and 12 degrees in accordance with working conditions, meaning that it can be flush with the ground for loading and unloading.


Gradual loading mechanism

Complete revision of loading and unloading mechanism of the rear deck allows to load a passenger car at a more gradual angle same as the conventional working space. The inclination angle of the loaded deck is 0.9 to 12 degrees, reduces a work burden and supports safe loading.

Idle up function

Sliding up and sliding down operation of the platform can be done by using a cabled remote controller.Cabled remote controller enables to check the operated condition of the platform when sliding up and sliding down, thus, these will achieve much safer operations.

Automatic tailgate mechanism (optional)

The hydraulic mechanism can automatically develop the tailgate. Opening and closing of the tailgate with wireless remote control can reduce a work burden considerably.

Right and left interlocking device (optional)

When storing the tailgate, the right and left are automatically interlocked. Also, when opening the tailgate, just pulling the one side of lever can release interlocking of both the right and left sides simultaneously.


Model Deck inside
Inclination angle of deck Applicable
While unloading
Maximum while loading
JN02-45 5,700 2,070 0.9 12 2-ton
JN02-44 5,000 2,070 1.1 14 2-ton
JN04-45 5,700 2,200 0.9 12 4-ton
JN04-44 5,000 2,070 1.1 14 4-ton
JN02-47 5,700 2,070 0.9 12 2-ton
JN02-46 5,000 2,070 1.1 14 2-ton
JN04-47 5,700 2,200 0.9 12 4-ton
JN04-46 5,000 2,200 1.1 14 4-ton

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