Special Purpose Vehicles

What is special purpose vehicle?


Definition of "special purpose vehicle" as automobile industry term
Special purpose vehicle is defined as the vehicle rigged with special equipment to be driven by vehicle's own engine or other separately mounted engine (power source). Although the definition may seem repellent, it simply means a vehicle that performs a certain job. It is such vehicles that KYOKUTO KAIHATSU is supplying.


Special purpose vehicles are "working" vehicles. Dump trucks and tank trucks are the vehicles indispensable for creation of urban environment and for industrial progress. Since its foundation in 1955, KYOKUTO KAIHATSU has been devoted itself in the development, manufacture and sales of various types of special purpose vehicles that can fulfill the requirements of users (civil engineering companies, petroleum traders, chemical makers, etc). In creating special purpose vehicles, what comes first and foremost is the pursuit of functional performance and designing that are considered optimum from the user's viewpoint. This user-oriented business stance has led to the successful introductions of excellent quality products, honorably awarded with Good Design Product Prize by MITI in the eight successive years. KYOKUTO KAIHATSU keeps leading the industry with unequaled quality products.

Leading the industry with versatile models

Special purpose vehicles include not only dump trucks and concrete pumps playing important roles in construction sector, but they also include pneumatic bulk carrier and tank trailer in logistics sector, as well as those used for garbage collection in environmental sector. Presently over 40 types of specialty vehicles are available from us, accounting for high market share in each of the above-mentioned types of vehicles. Applying the high technologies accumulated so far in the development of special purpose vehicles, we also have successfully created the welfare equipment, being exemplified by such handicap aid as wheelchair lifting equipment for bus and auxiliary step for bus. KYOKUTO KAIHATSU is contributing both to the industries and to our daily life in all aspects of the society.

Predominance in the industry

KYOKUTO KAIHATSU occupies the No. 1 domestic market shares for concrete pump, tank trailer and pneumatic bulk carrier. It comes next to the top for large and medium sized dump trucks. With its versatile product line-ups, KYOKUTO KAIHATSU is enjoying the reputation as the leading company in the industry. Our special purpose vehicles are making a great contribution to the "creation of worker-friendly environment".

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