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Piston type concrete pump

Concrete pump trucks are vehicles having devices to pump the ready mixed concrete, transported by concrete mixer trucks, to sites through its pipes and hoses at construction sites.
There are two types of the concrete pump, one is a piston type (push out type) and another is a squeeze type.

Piston concrete pump

Piston concrete pump trucks (push out type), having the highest pumping performance level in Japan, are used at sites of skyscraper constructions and large scale of civil engineering works, etc.


The piston concrete pump vehicle is to charge the ready mixed concrete into the cylinder through the hopper when the pistons are contracted, and to discharge when the pistons are expanded, like water guns. Charging and discharging operations are switched by the swing valve.

Quintessence of the pelican valve!

Suitable for high pressure operations
The pelican valve, realized its airtight and well balanced pressure, enabled smooth pumping operations by stabilizing its switching function even at high pressure.
Saving running cost
The pelican valve has few parts and its structure is the utmost in simplicity.
Realized easy cleaning by reducing the remaining ready mixed concrete.
The direct suction system uniting the valve and the hopper eases introducing of the volume.
The bottom flap mechanism with which the hopper bottom opens widely saves troubles in removal of the remaining ready mixed concrete.
Newly designed hydraulic circuits with excellent reliability and durability
The valve is equipped with newly designed hydraulic circuits employing logic sequencing. These high quality hydraulic components increase reliability and durability. High pressure pumping can be started by switching the hydraulic circuits and this is suitable for pumping to high places and over long distances.
User serviceability
The simple pelican valve structure facilitates inspection, adjustment and replacement of consumable parts, and also enables easy overhauling. User servicing is also possible.

Elbow with wear detecting holes

Our concrete pump elbow pipes, made of quench casting materials, have wear detecting holes archiving durability, improves safety, and smoothen the ready mixed concrete flow.

Control panel

The control panel is installed at the position of being visible and operable easily.

High pressure water pump

The water pump is equipped, which is operable simultaneously with pumping operations, enables washing works to be available even when pumping.

Auto lubricator

The automatic lubricator is equipped, which greases quantitatively during pumping operations.

Vibration control device (KAVS)


The longer the boom will be, the larger sympathetic vibrations of the top boom will be when pumping operations. The vibration control device (KAVS), reduces the stress on the boom in order to improve durability, is installed. Additionally, the device improves operability without having needless strains to operators.

Product lineup

Model GVW Maximum output volume Output pressure Maximum boom height above ground level
PY90-17 approx. 10,500kg 90m3/h 8.5MPa 17m
PY75B-19B approx. 9,400kg 78m3/h 4.9MPa 19m
PY100-26-S approx. 16,900kg 105m3/h 7.0MPa 25.8m
PY115A-26C approx. 16,765kg 115m3/h 6.6MPa 25.8m
PY120-30C approx. 21,900kg 121m3/h 7.0MPa 29.8m
PY125-36A approx. 24,990kg 124m3/h 7.0MPa 35.6m
PT70-12 approx. 7,500kg 72m3/h 7.9MPa Line pump

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